Healthplex Chiropractic

Before and After Acupuncture

Instructions for patients

Contemporary Medical Acupuncture is available in our Tisdale clinic with Dr. Cole Simpson or Heather Whitelaw, RMT. It involves the insertion of very fine sterile needles into specific points along the body for a certain amount of time. Gentle electrical stimulus may also be applied to improve the treatment outcome. A specific Dry Needling technique (Gokavi Transverse Technique) may also be provided by Heather Whitelaw, RMT if appropriate.

What to do before an acupuncture treatment

  • Have a light meal; if this is not possible, drink some juice.
  • Do not consume alcohol for 4 hours prior to the treatment.
  • If possible, do not take any pain killers or tranquilizers for 4 hours prior to the treatment.
  • Do take your usual medication.

What to do after an acupuncture treatment

  • Avoid strenuous activity for 2 days after treatment, even if you are now pain-free.
  • Rest for a few hours when you go home.
  • Delay taking any pain killers or tranquilizers for 1 hour after treatment.
  • Be aware that occasionally, the symptoms may become worse before there is relief.